Here are the articles and resources I will be using in my reflections, and  I will keep adding as more come about:

1. Islam, L. Romana & Lisa Anne Murno. (2006). From Perceptions to Connections: Informing Information Literacy Program Planning in Academic Libraries Through Examination of High School Media Center Curricula. College & Research Libraries, 67(6), 491-514

2. Epstein, Su. (2013). 3D- A New Can of Worms?. Public Libraries Online. Retrieved from:

3.  The Annoyed Librarian Blog found at :

4.  Ferrel, Shelley. (2009). Who Says There is a Problem? A New Way to Approach the Issue of “Patron Problems”. Reference & User Service Quarterly, 50(2), 141-151.

5. Successful Self-Checkout–A Guide to Effective Implementation By Integrated Technology Group, A Division of Vernon Supplies Found at:

6. Does Label Children’s Books Constitute Censorship? By Lisa Hunt and Melanie Wachsmann in Taking Issues 



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