Monthly Archives: October 2013

Labeling Children’s Books


Labeling children’s book is not what I consider censorship. Censorship is when something is taken away due to content or when a book is flagged due to content. I liked this article because it made a good point about how labeling for reading levels and subjects is not to ‘pigeon hole’ children into making certain decision based on the labels. No, this labeling is done for the ease of the collection and the patron. It makes it easier to organize the collection to put similar materials together and to make it easier to browse. This kind of label is useful in both public and school libraries. I cannot tell you how often I will have children or their parents come to me and tell me how their child reads, what they like to read, and how well they read. Then they expect me to take that information and provide a book. If there was no labeling, I think I would be lost. Though with the labeling I can walk into the right area, pull out a good book. Then I can I say in this area there are similar books to this one that I think that you or your child may like. That is what makes labeling useful. It is not there to censor the child, it is not taking away options, and it is not a restriction. There is nothing there that is telling the child that they cannot walk around a corner and grab a book from there. However, they do not want to because they know they can find what they need right in front of them. I do not think that we as children librarians would be very effective if we could not label books. There is just way too much materials and books out there for children to not label them to make any sense out them.


Self Check Out Ideas


Self check out is an interesting thing because it is being adopted everywhere and not just in libraries. However, as the article pointed out, it has to suit the communities needs and not just be something that is being implemented for ease of the staff or the libraries budget. If it is not well suited for your community I do not feel that it will be well received. In my own community and the library I work for I know that half the time our one self check does not work. I have been working there for over six months and I think that four of that it has not worked. Our community does like the idea of the self checkout, but it is hardly there for them. In addition, I think another good point the article made that the staff needs to be trained on them. This is huge because I know that I have no idea how to use the machine, but patrons come to me all the time for help. I think that it is only useful if every one of the staff knows how to use so that it benefits everyone. Overall, the article makes the point that the this opportunity of the self check is not to take away from the librarians but to increase the chance to participate and interact with patrons. It offers a chance to get out from behind the desk and offer services and be right there for the patrons. I really think that this is great because we need more of that in the librarias today.