Islam and Murno’s Article


In Islam’s and Murno’s article, it was interesting to read about information literacy translating from the high school level to the college level, and the gaps that come about. I have always felt like this was severely lacking due to the fact that most of the time that I have ran into most high schoolers are not prepared for what is to come in college. These freshmen do not quite know how to work what is all available to them when it comes to researching or papers, so then they are missing out on a lot. Yes, they may know how to start the research, but not always know how work the tools to get the answer. This article really opened my eyes on the discrepancies of what is being taught to our high schoolers when it comes to information literacy. I know from experience how overwhelming it is to be unprepared for college and needing to know and understand so many different things in order to succeed. I have always been on the idea that there needs to be a standardized goal for the School Media Librarians to teach students in information literacy. This article really has starting ground for where these students need to be at when they start college and where there is lacking areas that are hardly touched. This article showed an interesting aspect by looking at different regions in the United States and how different each region is meeting these standards. I think by standardizing and giving a better, more in depth lesson in information literacy before students graduate, they would be better prepared for college and less intimidated.


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