Reflections and Week 3


September 10, 2013

Today, I got to explore the many aspects of EWU’s main library page and to begin to form my opinion on how it is set up. I find the library’s main homepage a bit overwhelming an little confusing. Though I know how to work around it and get the answers I need, it makes me wonder how newbies handle the homepage and being able to obtain information.

While looking through the website, an interesting subject of library and social media was brought. Now I can understand that we want to bring the library forward in the times and to show people that we are adapting. However, does an academic library need a Facebook page or a twitter page? Especially when the main EWU Facebook or twitter provides the same information. In my opinion, no I do not think that academic libraries need all the social media ‘stuff’. I do not mean that they should not adapt to the Web 2.0 standards and bring in the New Generation features. I feel that the public library has more of a use for a Facebook page. By having this, the library can reach a wide span of patrons and give out the information that may not be able to get to them otherwise when it comes to events and programming. Not only that, public libraries are the cent of the community and provide information for their patrons. Facebooking and Twittering may help spread news of the happenings of a community fast. Here is where I feel patrons pay the most attention, whereas in the academic library setting, if the patrons need information they will come to the library for it. I do not think that many of those patrons even think about checking on Facebook for certain things.


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