Epstein and 3D Printers


This is a thought provoking article about libraries bringing in 3D printers. Now 3D printers are something that is hard to wrap my mind around. To think that we have made a machine that we put in some data and it prints out the tangible object. Of course, I understand and grasp the concept of the 3D printers, but to bring them into the library is something that is really a multi-sided opinion. Yes, it is great to offer something like that to the community who may never have a chance to work with or come in contact with the machine on their own. We, as libraries, are all about providing opportunities for our community and to give them access to what we can. Yet, there will always be the people who ruin it for everyone by abusing the power given to them. Should the library be held liable to the actions that they had not foreseen? Should the libraries that offer or are planning to offer a 3D printer have a system in place where they have to have a design approved before printing? But does that violate freedoms or rights by having to go through approvals? I just don’t know about this being in public libraries, are we ready to handle the responsibility? No matter what we do and what we do to protect ourselves, we should be prepared for whatever may come.


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  1. I think 3D printers are overkill for public libraries. 3D printing is a new concept and the kinks have to be worked out before the public can benefit from this tool.

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