Annoyed by the Reading Gate Club


Based on this blog post by the Annoyed Librarian: t

In Huston Falls, New York, a library director has decided to change the rules to the summer reading club based on one participant who has gone above and beyond the requirements for the summer reading program. The young man has won five years in a row because of his love of reading. I can understand the idea of changing the rules because of some unfairness that has happened, but I do not see any unfairness that this young man of nine years old has won because of his sheer love of reading. Yet, I feel that there is some information missing. Yes, this boy has read 63 books, but what types of books where they? I could understand changing the rules for reading levels have to read certain books, but not leveling the odds of winning by the chance of probability. I feel that since they know that this young man is going to probably win, why not reward him a special way? The normal book log sheet holds about 25 entries or so. Take this number and say if you read this many books above the minimum that fits on the sheet, they could win a special prize outside of the normal one. This way it is available to everyone, even if they do not make it. It is still a tangible feat.

I do not see the fairness in taking out the recognition to a voracious reader that should be commended for his love of books. Yes, I can see how others are getting discouraged but there is a way to work it out so everyone wins without leaving it to chance.



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  1. So true that we don’t know the type of books the child was reading. Fairness has been an issue in the past few years in schools in particular. Some schools have been downplaying straight A students as to make sure that other kids don’t feel bad.

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